十万个为什么 | Tell Me Why? Bilingual

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This product takes on a very lively presentation that help answer many children questions;science and general knowledge that most parents don't even know. Be tuned with the catchy theme song where no kids will not love this series!

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The DVDs answer some of the most interesting questions that a kid will answer like: Why can an aeroplane fly?, why does prawns and crabs turn red upon cooking?, why does one feel like sleeping after a meal? etc… An old time favourite 2D cartoon that shows 9 bubbly animals with each unique identity. 

Language Spoken: Chinese with English subtitles  / English with English subtitles.

This series of 8 DVDs consist of answers to 240 questions that your child will be most interested to know.


Timing for the DVDs are as follows: 
DVD 1: 41.39 
DVD 2: 40.26 
DVD 3: 43.29 
DVD 4: 47.08 
DVD 5: 49.12 
DVD 6: 51.36 
DVD 7: 49.22 
DVD 8: 50.51 

why are most manholes covers round?
why are basketballs and volleyballs round?
why are tyres round?
why are pots and bowls round?
In winter why does vapour come out from our mouths?
Why do ice lollies have smoke coming out of them?
why do water droplets roll about on lotus leaves?
why do we wash our hands with soap?
why are there patterns on the soles of our shoes?
why do tyres have pattern on them?
why must we stand bck when a train is approaching?
why must trains reverse a little before moving off?
why cant people fly even when they're fitted with wings ?
why does the epiphyllum bloom only at night?
why is there a small hole on the parachute top?
why does food taste bland when we have the flu?
why are planes able to fly?
why do planes need a runway to take off?
why are big planes afraid of small birds?
why does a helicopter need a runway to take off?
why do crabs crawl sideways?
why is the helicopter able to stop at mid-air?
why does the waterpipe under the wink loop?
why is the steamer able to float on water?
why do runners wear studded boots?
where does river and lake water come from?
how were deserts formed?
How does a pilot measure the plane's altitude?
where does electricity come from?
why are mountains roads so winding?

will all the water on earth be used up one day?
why is the bat able to see the mosquitoes in the dark?
where does fog come from?
why is our recorded voice different from our real voice?
why do colour photo fade after a while?
why do steamers sound their air horn?
why do mice gnaw at wood?
why do people yawn?
why does kettle lid rattle when water is boiling?
why do bees make a buzzing sound when they fly?
why do factories have such tall chimneys?
why do people snore when they sleep?
why do chickens eat grit?
How does a kaleidoscope work?
Do monkeys really eat fleas?
why do african elephants have bigger ears than asian ones?
why do we have earthquakes?
why is the hedgehog afraid of the skunk?
why does beer have bubbles on top?
why are fishes able to survive in frozen waters?
why are tank wheels fitted with metal tracks?
why do we feel sleepy when our stomach is full?
why do people have dreams?
why do we feel cold after getting out of water?
why doesn't the sailor cap have a brim?
why is it that we don get thrown off when the roller coaster turns top turvy?
why are pine and cypress trees green throughout the years?
why cant we pour water over burning oil?
why doesn’t the roly poly tip over?
why do earthworms crawl out of the soil after it rains?

why must we cut off some branches when we do transplanting?
why are tyres black in colour?
why cant we take shelter under the trees?
why do crabs turn reddish when they are cooked?
why must we use sand when we roast chestnuts?
why does the boat goes backwards when we move forward?
why do we salivate when we see sour food?
why does the moon keep following me?
why are some medicine taken before meals?
why do high rise buildings have lightning rods?
why do inflated balloons slowly become smaller?
why is a caterpillar bite so painful and itchy?
why doesn't the camel get thirsty?
in what ways are flies harmful to people?
why does the slug turn to liquid when it touches salt?
why does the stomach rumble when we are hungry?
why are there so many small holes on buns?
how do mosquitoes spread diseases?
how do we get a depressed table tennis ball back to shape?
why does water always flow into the waterway?
why do dumplings float when they are cooked?
do stars fall onto earth?
why is sea water salty?
why do we burp after drinking a soft drink?
why doesn the cloud drop out of the sky?
why does it rain?
how can we create artificial rain?
why cant people drink sea water?
can we turn sea water into drinking water?
why does the light bulb light up?

why doesn’t a broken buld light up?
why do people get electrocued?
why doesn’t the bird get electrocuted when it stands on a wire?
what is the fuse for?
why cant we play wth the magnet near the tv set?
how does a microwave oven cook food without fire?
can we use a fridge to cool the room?
why cant we play wth the magnet near the tv set?
why is the thermos stopper so difficult to remove sometimes?
why are some people able to feel pain?
why must some medicine taken afer meals?
why cant medicine be taken with fruit juices?
why do people blink?
why cant we see clearly when we walk into dark place?
why does the balloon burst when its high up in the air?
why must building be built on a deep foundation?
why is reinforcing steel added to cement?
why do flames shoot upwards?
why does the apple turn brownish after it has been cut?
why is it more tiring to stand then to walk?
why do we get blue black arks on our body when we knock in to something?
how do our eyes enable us to see?
what are the eyebrows and eyelashes for?
why do we get goose pimples when we feel cold?
why do we have fever when we fall ill?
why must we drink lots of water when we are ill?
why do we have blocked nose wen we are down with flu?
who do our voice turn hoarse when we are down with flu?
why must alcohol be applied before we have an injection?
do all mosquitoes suck blood?

why is soap water able to relieve itch?
why does mosquito follow people around on summer evenings?
why are there so many mosquitoes in summer but not in winter?
why is the mosquito able to see in the dark?
why are flies able to stay on class panels wthout falling?
why are we unable to swat flies with a fan?
why do a cat's pupils change shape?
why are penguins able to drink seawater?
why mustn't we sleep after a meal?
why do we lose appetite whenever we are unhappy?
why do we choke when we talk while eating?
why must we avoid drinking water before a meal?
can we drink water immediately after a meal?
why are there low tide and high tide?
why do wells have water?
why do rotten eggs float on water?
why is canned food able to keep for long?
why does milk turn sour?
why are there holes on biscuits?
why are there brown white and rock sugar?
why do cats walk quietly?
why are cat whiskers used for?
why are cats able to land safely from high places?
are cats cleaning themselves when they lick their fur?
why do dogs stick out their tongues when they pant?
why do dog press their ears on the ground wen sleeping?
why are dogs albe ot find their way home?
why does the dog turn a few times before lying downto sleep?
why do clam shells open up with they are cooked?
will the sun ever die out one day?

why does the sun get blocked by clouds though it is bigger than the earth?
why is there thunder after lightning?
where did mountain come from?
what causes wind to blow?
why is water from hot springs hot?
why are we unable to feel the earth rotating?
why doesn't the moon fall from the sky?
why doesn't moonlight feel hot?
why are we able to jump very high up on the moon?
are there day and night on the moon?
which is bigger-the sun or the moon?
what is a lunar eclipse?
what are partial and total lunar eclipses?
what is a solar eclipse?
what are partial solar eclipse,total solar eclipse and annular eclipse?
why does the bee die after it stings someone?
what is the function oof the fish fin? 
why do flying fish fly?
why is there a hole at the bottom of a flower pot?
why does a flower wither when its leaves are removed?
why do flowers have so many colours?
If clothes can dry in the sun, why don’t plants dry up?
why is the middle of a road higher than its sides?
why do we check the conditionof a tyre by immersing it in water?
why do cars have coil springs?
why does a person get thrown forward when a car brakes?
why do some children wet the bed?
why is it not advisable for children to sleep on soft beds?
why do our anuses itch when we are sleeping?
why is it more refreshing to take a hot bath than a cold bath in summer?

why do we suffer from prickly heat?
why is our skin useful?
why do our legs feel numb whenever we squat for too long?
why do we feel giddy upon getting up after squatting for sometime?
Is blood always red?
why do we see red light when we close our eyes in the sun?
why do we blush whenever we are embarrassed?
why do we sometimes shiver after urinating?
why doesn't it help to put on more clothes when it\\\'s cold?
why do we feel colder lying down than standing?
when water boils why doesn't the temperature go any higher?
why does water cool faster when we put a metal spoon into it?
when we steam buns, do the ones on the top or at the bottom get cooked first?
why doesn't food get cooked when we use an ordinary pot in the mountains?
why must we remember to screw the petrol tank cap back after filling the tank?
why does petrol appear multi coloured on the surface of water?
why submarines can go underwater?
why tanks are capable of crossing trenches?
why do bullets and cannonballs make loud sounds when fired?
why is the radar able to detect planes?
why do we have a running nose when we cry?
what should we do if water gets into our ears?
whats the difference between the moth and the butterfly?
why is there day and night?
Are there stones that can float on water?
Why is water from the geyser able to sprout so high up?
why is it that eggs cannot be stored after washing?
why does a layer of cream form on the surface of milk?
why does milk powder form lumps sometimes?
Why do some sockets have three holes in them?

why is the top of an egg empty?
why is salt able to preserve food?
why does a ball bounce?
why is a desert hot in the day but cold at night?
Why do some chimneys emit black smoke and other white smoke?
Why is it windy at high places?
where does salt from the sea come from?
where does salt come from?
why cant we lift ourselves up?
Why are we able to hear a distant train when we press our ears on the railway track?
why is metal colder to touch than wood when the weather is cold?
Why do we saw wood with a saw and not a knife?
why are trees in the forest so straight?
Why are leaves at the top of a tree the last to drop during autumn?
Why do seagulls follow cruising ships?
How are cartoons created?
Why is a salor suit collarless?
why are our hands especially slippery after washing with soap?
why do we welcome VIPs with a gun salute?
Why do some planes leave a trail of white smoke?
Why do we have wrinkles as we get older?
Why do we choke if we eat too fast?
Why do our toes wrinkle up if they are soaked in water for too long?
Why are the voices of men and women different?
why is the moon sometimes full and sometimes not?
why is the moon sometimes full and sometimes not?
why does a fluorescent light produce a humming sound?
Why do dragonflies touch the surface of water now and then they flit about?
How do we know when an eclipse of the sun or an eclipse of the moon will occur?
why is the dog's tail useful?
Can elephants swim?


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十万个为什么 | Tell Me Why? Bilingual

十万个为什么 | Tell Me Why? Bilingual


This product takes on a very lively presentation that help answer many children questions;science and general knowledge that most parents don't even know. Be tuned with the catchy theme song where no kids will not love this series!

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